About me

Who am I?

I was a teenager in the 80's ;)

I was a college-bound honor student who was pregnant when I was 17...

10 years later I had 4 kids...and one morning...a dead husband. :(

I remarried and moved to Guatemala...

Currently...I'm a mom of 8 who has lived in 3 countries…

I believe in God...in Jesus. And, I believe that the Bible in its ORIGINAL WRITING is inspired by God and is true.

As far as "religion" goes I happen to believe the church in the US is a mess and not at all what God has in mind. Not even a little bit. So so so much bad doctrine is preached as fact and hypocrisy runs rampant. And, I think the Westboro Baptists are whackadoodles.

Why do I write?

I can't NOT write!!! To be honest I've always "blogged". Only thing is that not until recently was it public. In the "olden days" I wrote in notebooks (uphill both ways in the snow). I had a half-a-dozen journals full of thoughts. 

Then I typed on a typewriter. Then I got a word processor. And, so I had folders full of typed out thoughts.

Then, I got a computer. Thus began the file folders full of "journal entries."

I like to "think on paper". I like to type things out...to "see" my thoughts...re-read it...re-think...re-organize and then "put it away". I often will hold off talking about something until I've written about it...

It also actually helps me sleep. Longer ago before I could run out to the computer and type about something I would lay in bed at night helplessly thinking and thinking and unable to sleep. Now...I type it out and it's gone...and I sleep. 

Putting it into a "blog" from now on seemed like the most organized way to do it...and this way it's safe from a computer crash. Plus, it puts them all together and looks perdy...and maybe someday after I'm gone my grand kids will still be able to see what ol Granny thought when she still had teeth, who knows!

(And, I'm pretty sure that if I was about to die...crashing on a plane or whatever...that one of my last and final frustrations would be that I wouldn't get to write about it.)

Why isn't it open for comments?

This blog is really mostly for me. I don't promote it (share it) try to get followers or anything and it's why I don't have the posts open to comments or "discussion". I don't think I'm changing the world. 

I also do not have comments open because <rocking back and forth> people don't spell well. <shudder> And, they don't use the space bar well <gasping> and people have bad grammar and/or like to use bad words! Random comments from all types of people would make the blog look messy! <rocking back and forth> OCD? I dunno! ;) 

But, I also figure at least half of whoever would stumble on this blog or maybe more are going to disagree with me...and since my whole point in life isn't to convince those people to think like me...it's so I can just sleep at night and work my own thoughts out...enabling the general public (strangers) to argue with me or insult me isn't going to help me sleep. My friends who know me...if they read this...and have something to argue about...they know me and can do that via email or phone or real life and they won't be cyber bullies about it. 

I also have 8 kids so I don't have time to "discuss" things with people! 


- - -

What do I believe?

One thing I believe is that I have a few unshakeable foundational beliefs. One being "God is". Another being, "God is love". And, I have seen myself thru my years "evolving" in all the beliefs that stem from that. (I also do not believe we evolved!) It's hard to sift thru how we've been raised and how our culture has shaped us and so forth to see what's actual and true as opposed to "what we've learned to believe."

Maturing seems to me then as a process of continually searching for truth. Just like maintaining a healthy smart phone or computer...

Sometimes when you update a program or op system then other programs (beliefs) need to be updated also or they no longer function. Sometimes those changes can be unsettling and hard to adjust to, but, they must be made!

Sometimes when the system is "bogged down" it's an indication that things need to be reorganized or "deleted". Since I can't ever claim that "I've figured it all out! Whoo hoo! Let's party tonight!" that means that I do have outdated "software" and useless or even harmful "programs" and even "viruses" running on my mind's computer...and it needs just as much attention and maintenance as a real computer. So, I'm sure that I'll read over stuff I wrote "years ago" and wanna delete those posts! I'm ever changing and always drawing closer to "the Truth" (aka Jesus).

I am never satisfied to say, "God is just a mystery!"

I believe in always asking "why" about everything...and that there's answers to everything everywhere. I believe EVERYTHING means something…and I believe that the most important evidence in the world second only to the revelation of God in the life of Jesus…is the world God created…

In Romans 1 it says we have no excuse for misunderstanding God ’cause He’s made it OBVIOUS! Since creation! Even before the revelation of Jesus! Even before the Bible! Everything about God is so OBVIOUS that we can only not see it if we just refuse to...and that makes God mad...

THAT is how important I feel it is to ask “why” about everything…and to look at EVERYTHING and wonder what God is showing us about Himself thru this!

I get excited about it...and, so I write!! :)

I believe our minds are so programmed by our cultures, by our upbringing, by our experiences, by peer pressure, and by a force of darkness…that it is extremely difficult to see what’s there before our eyes…but if we persist in asking and digging we can find the truth…and it is just so cool when ya see something!

Mostly I write about children because they're my favorite ;) 

...but bad church doctrine gets me fired up, too, so sometimes I write about that...


- - -

The verse I think applies to everything...

ROMANS 1:18-20
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

I actually took this pic...in FL...2009

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