Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cybermen: Don't upgrade!!

"You need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex and class and color and creed. You will become identical. You will become like us."

The Cybermen are enemies of Doctor Who (BBC TV show that's been airing since 1963)...who have this great idea that the way to "upgrade" mankind is to take just their brains and put them inside these perfect identical robot bodies. The Cybermen see this as an upgrade.

But, it's a "horror" story. Isn't it? Not an upgrade! Removing the things which define us and make us different is destruction, not an upgrade!

The idea of everyone being truly horrifying! And, it's something that if it were real life humankind would go to war to prevent. 

Really, just imagine a world...where everyone's exactly the same! A world where everyone has no distinction between gender...class...creed...color. 

This is how it would look...

It's why we were created with free will. It's why we've got different levels of melanin in our bodies giving us different colored eyes, hair, skin...and, it's why we're created male and female. 

It's also why there are thousands of species of plants and animals and insects...because God loves diversity.

Yet, though we love diversity in nature and we love being "our own person" there is so much fighting in the world because of diversity. You see it on the news and on facebook...people getting mad at each other for having different ideas, opinions, and beliefs. 

But, if we weren't different...this is how the world would look...

All the fuss over "pink" and "blue" with people trying to insist that the genders are the pushing our world to be more like this...

All attempts by parents to raise kids who "obey" and never contradict the an attempt to make our world a little more like this...

How about you? Are you one of those people who fusses about putting pink on baby girls and blue on baby boys? 

You're trying to "upgrade."

Are you one of those people who sees any willfulness in your children as defiance and disobedience and something to be snuffed out? 

You're trying to "upgrade."

Do you unfriend and get mad at everyone who believes totally different than you on Facebook? 

You're trying to "upgrade."

Embrace your differences and the differences of others. Embrace the differences in your children. Embrace the difference that your "sex" gives you from the other. Just because most of the world sees "differences" as bad the church, at the very least, needs to stand up for the fact (not be stained by the world) that we are different and that those differences are good because they were created by God. 

Men and women are different...and it's beautiful

Your children aren't little copies of you...they are different and they express that with their wills...and that's beautiful. 

People of different cultures are different...and that's beautiful.

People of different classes are different...and that's beautiful.

People with different beliefs and ideas...are beautiful.

Yes! Fear being UNdefined by this world! 

Yes! Fear the removal of your sex!

Fear the removal of you class...color...and creed.

Don't upgrade. 

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