Thursday, March 17, 2011

You can't sin with your BODY

I was just thinking, that, it’s just so obvious. You don’t sin with your body. You sin with your heart. A quadriplegic can sin.

Yes, I talk about this a lot but it’s constantly being spoken of by people…people constantly elude to it and bring it up and it’s maddening!

There’s this belief in the “Original Sin” believing mind that after we become Christians we get a “new nature” but…there is no evidence of that. None. Yet, they believe it. Before we’re Christians we can get hooked up to a lie detector test and lie and it will indicate we’re lying. After we are Christians we can get hooked up to a lie detector test and lie and it will indicate we’re lying. When we worry before we’re Christians we make ourselves sick. When we worry after we’re Christians we make our selves sick.

It’s obvious. Our bodies react to sin the same way before and after we’re saved. 

And, what’s equally obvious is that our bodies react to sin. When we’re not a Christian or when we are our bodies negatively react to sin. Because sinning is against our nature from the get-go. 

Sinning goes against all our wiring. It goes against the blood in our veins. Our bodies are not the leaders – they are the reactors in this and they tell us that sin is in opposition to everything about us and all the evidence we live with every day testifies to it!

God didn’t mention it in the Garden of Eden when He announced to Adam n’ Eve how the world was now different because of their choice to sin.

Our bodies don’t change after we’re saved – only our hearts do. Our bodies don’t get saved. Our hearts do.

There are those who will maybe just insist we’re born simply with the TENDENCY to sin and not necessarily guilty of sin…whatever that means?

Reality is…our brains are wired to move toward pleasure and away from pain. Simple. It’s in our wiring and it’s for our protection. You touch a hot stove, “owww”, you move away from that stimuli. Your mom is warm and loving and makes you feel safe, “ahhh”, you move toward her. Simple. Beautiful.

Desiring pleasure is not a tendency toward sin. Pleasure is not sin! Pleasure is not from satan. “Every GOOD and PERFECT gift is from God.” Just look at the beautiful amazing sensation-filled world God made FOR US! He made all the amazing animals and brought them to Adam! God desires us to have pleasure. HE invented the orgasm! Desiring pleasure is by no means an indication of a “sinful nature” or a “tendency toward sin” but rather it is an indication that we have a LOVING GOD.

Therefore…any guesses as to who wants you to think our desire for pleasure is sinful? Satan hates God and wants us to mistrust and falsely accuse God…just like in the Garden…

All of the things we do to sin are simply a perversion of natural desires and pleasures God gave us because He loves us. Until we are able to choose to pleasure ourselves in a way that perverts what God has created…until we are able to choose to pleasure ourselves in spite of the fact that it is wrong to do so, we can’t “sin”. We can’t pervert what God has created.

In order to pervert something we must have the capability to understand how it is supposed to be and to reason in order to reject how it’s supposed to be and choose to do it your own way.

A fertilized egg can’t reason. A fertilized egg can’t sin.

An embryo can’t reason.

Even a 2 year old lacks reason.

It seems so simple I don’t understand how so many adults can insist on playing the blame game and making light of their sin…”Adam made me do it.” No, he didn’t. You were created perfect…and you CHOSE to wander away from the Great Shepherd. And, He didn’t turn around and whack you with His “rod” to correct you. No. He used His rod against the predators that were prowling around after you even tho’ you were in disobedience. He has continued to protect you because if you spare the rod…you hate your child…and God doesn’t hate us so He continues to use the “rod” to beat satan’s butt and keep him from completely killing us even while we’re in disobedience…

It’s like there are completely different “Gods” in the church these days.

One God is weird. Making our bodies “born sinful” because Adam sinned, then coming to earth to die on the cross to save us from…our bodies…

The real God is not weird. Even after Adam gave authority over the earth to satan…and even after God saw His one “fear” become reality: Mankind was now enslaved to sin, He got off His throne (I hate the expression “God is still on the throne”…as tho’ He’s ever sitting around!) and He got right into the front line of the battle and has stayed there ever since. Greater love has no one than this…than God gave His own son…and Jesus gave His life to save us from our SINS…those things which enslave us…

This belief in this “sin nature” takes the Lord’s name in vain…and it has led to SO MANY ILLS IN SOCIETY!

(Among which is spanking in the name of God…which leads to all kindsa’ ills in life…if you have a proper understanding of sin you know that controlling a kid’s body and behavior does not address their HEART! But, controlling and causing pain to their body in the name of God and in the guise of “love” does do something to their hearts that’s not good…)

Drives me crazy…which leads to typing…

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