Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Perfect" report card!

I had a cool experience last night that I want recorded. So, here it is...

Tori. My 5 year old who was nursed on demand until 2.5 years...who not only co-slept...but still sleeps with me. She's been told "no" before...but I've never "punished" her...and never hit/spanked her. This little girl of mine was playing "Apples to Apples" with me, several siblings, her dad, and two  of our neighbors. 

If you've never played that game...there are red cards with lots of different things on them. Then, there are green cards with descriptive words. Each person takes a turn at putting out a green card and then everyone else picks from their hand of 7 red cards and chooses something they think the green card describes. Then, the person who put out the green card chooses which of the red cards they think is best and then that person wins that round and takes that green card. was my 7 year old's turn to put out the green card. The card said, "Perfect."

Tori was to my right in between me n' my neighbor and she was having fun with the neighbor. The neighbor was helping her read the cards. So, Tori's needing to choose from among her 7 cards which thing she has in her pile that she think best describes, "Perfect." 

My neighbor reads through her cards with her and I can see that Tori thinks for sure she's got the winning card. She puts her card out and she is laughing and clapping and is SO excited. She's just like, "I am going to win this one!"

I was taking pics of her just 'cause she was being so cute and SO excited, I wondered what in the world she could have put down!? She was just like so excited 'cause she "just knew" she'd won this round!

Elisa (my 7 year old) then flips all the red cards over to decide which one best describes, "perfect," and in that pile of about 7 cards is a the card that says, "My Family." 

Without hesitation, Elisa picks that card up and says, "This one!"

To that, Tori reaches over and gets the green card and is like laughing and beside herself, "I knew I was going to win! That was my card!!"

They had no idea at that moment what they'd just said to me about the home they live in! As a mom who is constantly wondering how I'm doing and having those days that I feel like I just have done everything wrong...seeing that spontaneous and completely honest expression of their opinion of our family...I will treasure that moment always!!! <3

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