Sunday, January 24, 2016

All done :)

There's a story my mom told me always when I was younger, about how I stopped being one of those screaming kids at the grocery store. Yeah, I was one of them, apparently. According to her I was a terror to shop with until one day when I was about 2 or 3 there was another screamer in the store. She said I stopped and listened...totally focused on the other child...and it did something to me, I guess, like flipping a switch. I heard that other child and I heard me. And, apparently I decided I didn't want that to be me anymore and she says I never did it again.

I think something I've seen in people on Facebook has flipped another switch in me over the last year.

It seems like everywhere I look, all over Facebookland, there is someone trying to change my mind about something. Someone trying to teach something. Someone trying to share this wonderful knowledge they have about something with the world...

Health food
the evil of Democrats
the evil of Republicans
gay rights
corrupt police
good police
animal rights

You name it...someone's on a soap box preachin' about it.

Seeing people's after can tell which people are into which subject. It's to the point you can read the post first and then guess who's posted it. It's that consistent. People are just out there...everywhere...trying to convince others how to think, believe, live.

And, this...I think combined with another self-revelation I had about six months ago has led me to "here". A place where I actually, for the first time in my history, do not even feel argue with internet matter how stupid they are.

Seriously. Anyone who knows me in real life has to know it's like Jesus is gonna come back tomorrow or it's gonna snow in Miami or something.

I used to be one of these preachers. I'm always trying to figure out the best and right way to do things and I have always liked sharing the good news to help others see things I've seen. Like...just look to the right at my topics list. Like...I'm always thinking about stuff... But seeing others do it all the time...I'm's not's not changing the's...just...irritating.

Facebook's little catch line is "a place for friends" but is it, anymore? Isn't it more like a place for proselytizing?

So it happened recently that my inner 2-year-old (really only a few years above 39) stood again in the grocery store (at my desk in front of my computer)...listening to the other child having a fit (reading everyone's posts about how they're right and everyone else needs to think like them.)

And, I think this observation has combined with another thing that happened to me and's struck that nerve again. Flipped that switch.

What's the other thing?

I imagined one day for some reason...let's say...I managed to convince the whole world to stop doing bad/wrong things. I find some magic wand and "Bibbity Bobbity Boo!" now everyone isn't stupid anymore! 

Like...then what?

Like, seriously then what? What would I start doing with my time then if I didn't have to spend such time and energy telling everyone else how they oughta' be living and thinking?

And, that's when it hit me. Vanity vanity. I should be doing everything I'd be doing...if the whole world stopped being I should be enjoying the people in my life, right now, all around me. I should be reading with my kids and talking with them and watching shows with them and going out in the yard and playing with them. And, I should be doing the same with friends. I should be enjoying my life...enjoying my pets...and all the love around me...because Jesus said we'd always have the poor (of money, brains, and spirit) with us. 

I no longer feel a compulsion to argue, neither in real life or online, with people about what they believe, think, or do.

And blogging, though I like writing, was really compelled by the people who irritated me and the particular way they did so. I'd read someone say something totally irrational and ridiculous and I'd blog about it. In fact, I have another blog...with about 140 reasons why spanking your child is bad...all motivated by the stupid reasons people have for hitting their kids.

But now...I feel like I have people here in my house that need my attention more than all the random people sitting in their houses...staring at screens...ignoring their own kids.

I once was a strong "presence" I suppose you could say...on many different groups and pages. I had my settings set to alert me about everything and it was a constant stream all day long. And, people tagged me all the time to go argue with people about stuff. 

Now...I've unfollowed everything. My interest level has dropped to zero with all that. Really.

And...I am writing. Books. I see all the time I have on the computer doing stuff like "this" now as time I should be working on a book...

So...I'm done. 

When I get inspired I'll be back around probably...but for the most Forrest Gump when he finished running...I'm done. 


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