Thursday, March 17, 2011

"What goes around will come around"

(A friend sent me a video on fb today that made me think of this)

Someday…when I’m old and need help livin'…if it would happen to be my current 2-year old who’d be taking care of me…I know how she’ll take care of me: the way I’ve trained her by the way I have taken care of her…

When I’m old…my “baby” will…greet me in the morning with, “Hi! Mom! I’m so glad to see you!” and she’ll mean it…and she’ll smile at me for real…she will tell me several times a day, “I just love you so much!” and, “You’re awesome, Mom!”…she will hug me a lot and like the way that I smell…she will hold my hand when I’m unsteady…she’ll be patient with me when I spill my glass or flip my plate of food onto the floor because my coordination is not so good…she’ll smile at me and say, “Oooh kaaay!” the third time in one day that I ask for chocolate milk…and she won’t fuss at me that I only like to eat three different things she’ll just feed me what I like…she will feed me when I say I’m hungry…and if I lose my dentures she won’t scold me…and if I insist on stirring my own chocolate milk one day and spill it all over her computer she won’t hurt me for it…(she’ll take pics of the mess and post it on Facebook with her husband’s computer)

When I’m old…my daughter will leave the house sometimes without me and spend time shopping and playing with her girlfriends, but I’ll never feel like I’m a “burden” to her or that she just “needs time away from me!”…I’ll never feel like she’s embarrassed, disappointed, or ashamed of me…I’ll always feel like she loves me and misses me when she doesn’t see me for a while…

When I’m old…my daughter will answer me when I call out to her even if it’s at 3am (’cause I just wet my Depends™ and I don’t wanna sleep in it all night!)…and when I wake up in the morning then and have stinky breath, smell like pee, and have wild (blue) hair, she’ll tell me I’m beautiful and that she loves me…(and she’ll mean it)

When I’m old…my daughter will treat me like she sees me as a 200 year old “princess”!

That’s how my “baby” will treat me when I’m old ’cause that’s how I treat her now…and the Bible says that how we train our kids up “sticks”…

How will your baby treat you when you’re old?

“Do to your kids how you would want them to
do to you when you’re old!”

(Luke 6:30-32, Matt. 25, Luke 9)


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