Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rant about me wasting time...

I've been unable to "focus" for a while...I've been thinking about a lot of things and have even "written posts" while lying in bed at night (in my mind.) But, nothing has stuck out to me enough to sit and write.

I have noticed something the last 2 days that sticks out to me, though...and I'm just gonna start typing and see what happens?

I had a visitor. She showed up Thursday night and stayed till around noon today (Saturday). We did a lot of things. We talked. We laughed. We played.

One thing that sticks out to me more than the things we did is the thing I didn't do. I didn't go near facebook hardly at all. Nope. I bet I spent 5 minutes looking at it in the 36 hours she was here.

Why is that?

I guess it's because she's a good friend from waaay back. We've got a history that starts when we were 16 and 17 years old. She now lives 2 hours from me and we get together a few times a year now and the time I get to spend with her is precious. Why would I do anything but hang out with her when she's here?


The time I get to spend with her is I...spend time with her. I talk with her. I laugh with her. I play with her.

So, what about my kids?

Aren't they here every day?

Isn't the time I get to spend with them precious?

Why am I not so busy talking laughing and playing with them that I have but 5 minutes for facebook a day?

Why do they so often talk, laugh, and play without me?

I do find what others say and do quite interesting. I find the newsfeed intriguing. I love the "like" button. I often wish everything had one! I love to encourage people. I love to joke and play. And, people are so diFfEreNt! In the old way of life (before social media) we knew a handful of people and tended to hang with people "like us." But, fb has opened up this world where I am daily exposed to people on both ends of the political spectrum that I would call "nuts!" ;) And, everything in between.

And, I guess in some cases I've felt that I'm learning from them...and hopefully helping them learn. 

I think in some cases...I've felt I had purpose in my tho' I'm "changing the world" by standing up for things on facebook. Standing up for kids and breastfeeding and animal rights and all kinds of things...sharing and liking and commenting on things to help people see what's right and wrong.


So, I sit and I click...and those who are precious to real life...without me.


And, am I making an impact on people? Am I helping the world become a brighter place?

Well, when I see a thread of comments full of pro-spankers talking about the virtues of hitting their kids...I think not.

When I get into a conversation with a friend who, despite my 10 zillion anti-spanking posts, still expresses ambivalence and ignorance about the practice...I think not.

When I get unfriended by "Christian" friends because they believe I'm no longer Christian (Christlike) because I don't believe in hittin' my kids in His name...I think not.

When I have friends who insist year after year after year after year...that there is a difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion...or that there is a difference between spanking and abuse...and when I see "Christians" (especially) posting things about stuff about many other things I try to help shed light on...I THINK NOT! No! I am not having an impact on people for the better!

But, when I see my kids approach me and see me typing and immediately just recalculate their destination and go somewhere else...I realize...yes. I am making an impact on them. A negative one.

People really are like sheep. God said so. Don't think just follow the herd. They go with the flow. And, when they DO get inspired to do something with their life (like pick up a pitchfork and a torch and take up a cause against something) MOST of the time it isn't even based on any thoughts of their own it's just that mob mentality...angry sheep bleating at something because the others are, too.

"The true light has come to the world...but people loved darkness."

People see what they want to see.

People hear what they wanna hear.

"Let him who has ears let him hear."

People believe what they wanna believe.

I feel like I need to re-calculate my own destination. Do I wanna "change the world?" Or, do I wanna be present with my kids like I was with my friend these last 2 days? Do I wanna enjoy the time I have with Or, do I wanna "like" a status to hopefully help those in darkness see some light...that they don't wanna see???

Cynicism has always been one of my strongest suits. Yes. But, when not coupled with unreasonable negativity it is actually a quite useful quality...for those who love me...

Found a lot of funny facebook cartoons doing this...

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