Friday, April 1, 2011

Missing the obvious answers

I had an experience with my son's school that I think describes a lot of our problems in life...and I wanna share...

As you can see the task in the page is to make your way thru this maze to be figuring out how much spit we make in a day.
My 9-year old son thought it was about a cup. I thought he was probably right. And, so, he proceeded to try to make his way thru the maze to the "1 cup" answer. And, it just wasn't working!

I got into it then. So, I was tracing paths from the "start" with different colored lines to try to get to the "1 cup" answer. You can see how many paths we tried to go thru. We covered like pretty much almost all of the maze!!!

And, THEN you can see I tried going BACKWARDS from the "1 cup" answer to the beginning.

No matter what I could not get it to the answer!!!

I am thinking, "There is something wrong with this maze! Maybe it's a defective page!"

THEN I saw it! Just RIGHT NEXT TO THE BEGINNING...was the obvious answer...the "exit" to the maze...right there...right almost next to the start! Navigating thru the maze wasn't even necessary to get to the answer!!! But, the answer was not the answer either one of us expected...the answer was the answer we were not looking for so we didn't even see it...even though it was obvious!!!

And, so, how often does that happen in life?

We groan and suffer struggling thru the maze trying to get to the answer to something in our lives...but because we've presumed an answer...we miss the obvious "out" of the maze...

Just a thought...worth thinking about...

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