Thursday, March 17, 2011

Was God obligated to save us?

As I was waking up this morning I was thinking…

If you knew of parents who had a baby born with some horrible problem that was fixable...but the parents told the doctors that they didn’t want to spend all that money to take care of the problem and to not treat them…and they just stood by and watched the child die and did nothing to help the child…what would you think of those parents?

What if you knew parents who had a child who was kidnapped…and the parents thought it was too much of a hassle to try to find the child, so they just did nothing.

Would you call those parents, “loving?" Noble? Virtuous?

In both of those examples, the parents don’t actually even have a  choice, do they really? If they did want to choose to NOT care for the child, they really couldn’t because under the circumstances they’re kind of “obligated." We even get pressured into that with our animals many times and spend 100′s and even 1000′s of dollars to fix up or dogs or cats! There is something about being an authority over something helpless which puts you in that spot where you can’t as a decent human being NOT help!

But, what about parents who have a grown child…who…runs away…maybe with their middle finger in the air on their way out the front door…and they get themselves in a huge pickle. Trouble with a gang. Jail. Homeless. Jobless. Bankrupt. Whatever they could do to get into trouble say they did it. Now, look at the parents. Do you “expect” them to rush in and spend their life’s savings to help their child, or, do you pretty much see that this child has “made their bed” and it would be acceptable for the parent to allow the child to experience the effects of the things they caused? In this case, you can still love your child sincerely and stand by and wait as their life plays out.

So then, if a parent of a grown-child who has gotten themselves in much trouble DOES go all-out and make a huge sacrifice to get their child out of the mess that they made themselves, we see those parents as very noble and very loving, don’t we?

Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. He hates God and everything God created and wants to ruin it all. He is the “accuser” and the “liar” who is great at ruining reputations and relationships.

We Christians are taught that “God is love” and that we need to be “sorry” for sinning and that we need to be “thankful” for His saving us…And, we all say it all the time that, “God is love” but, do we really believe that?

Look at the deadness of “the church”. We’re supposed to be the Bride of Christ…He’s our Prince…Do we act like we’re about to get married to the most amazing Prince in the universe? Seems like when we talk about Jesus we’re more like a little kid being forced to say, “sorry” to another little kid when we don’t feel it. The church is not “in love” with Jesus.

Why would that be?

I believe there it not “one” answer, but this is one reason…

If we are born sinful then for God to just stand by and say, “Nope, it’s too costly to save them, Doc, forget it, let them die,” would be a really super cruddy god! God pretty much has no choice but to save us if we’re born this way. We couldn’t help it! It wasn’t our fault! He HAS to do everything He can to save us because we’re just like a little baby born with a heart defect! Helpless!

How appreciative can we really be then toward God they way the church portrays this relationship between God and man? 

The church says we’re all born with a heart and blood defect! Born sick! And portrays a god who sees this defect in us and…first condemns us for the way we’re born and then…expects us to apologize for it…and then makes sacrifices to save us from the way we were born? 

It’s as tho’ God is a parent of a sick newborn baby...and He looks at that baby and says, “Ugh! You make me sick! Look at you! All…diseased! You’re disgusting!” so much so that He can’t even look at us! And, then He insists we apologize for being born that way and THEN after we apologize for this then He pays the doctor to fix us…

But, we’re somehow supposed to see that god as “loving?"

For that matter, we’re supposed to see this god as sane

I think that this is precisely what someone who wants you to NOT love and respect God wants you to think about God.

The truth is…

God was not obligated to save us…because we were not born sick. We were born beautiful. God looked at us when we were born and he COULD look at us…and His heart swelled with love and pride and hope just like we do when we have babies. He invested into us and loved on us and then…when we got old enough, we chose to walk out the front door with our middle fingers in the air and we took off with no regard for God…and then…when we got ourselves into a huge mess…God was ready, eager, and willing (not obligated) to sacrifice His entire life’s savings (His life) for the Great Physician to come and save us!

THAT is nobility. THAT is honor. THAT is love.
THAT is a beautiful GOD!!!

That kind of love makes God a hero. That is the kind of thing movies are made of!

And, that is the last thing someone wants you to understand about God…

The truth is on your heart…

The doctrine that says we’re born sick did not come from the Bible but from man. (there are bad translations which have changed the original text to fit this doctrine, however, and so investigating this issue to find the truth with an NIV {for example} will be confusing).

The evidence is in Romans 1…in the Creation…how do you feel when you look upon a newborn baby? Like you’re looking at a filthy dirty bundle of evil which deserves to go to hell at that very moment? The truth…it’s right there…and promoting and believing this doctrine leads many parents to treat their children in ways that lead those children INTO sin…

The Jews did not even and currently do not believe that a person is born sinful…they believe they reach an age of accountability…and they wrote the Bible…See Isaiah 7:14-16…this verse applies to Jesus…and to all of us…This teaching has such far reaching effects into the Christian life…it has distorted just about everything and it’s something we should not allow to continue!!!!

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