Friday, April 26, 2013

What do you do when you're angry?

I was just thinking about what I do when I'm mad or frustrated...

I do things like...

- post annoyed statuses on Facebook
- change my profile pic to an angry smiley
- water my yard
- go outside
- plant things in my yard
- take a shower
- just be mad and pout around
- slam something
- buy something
- go somewhere
- eat something
- listen to angry music
- tell the person I'm mad at ALL ABOUT IT! ;)
- tell someone else all about it
- write on my blog about it
- write an email to someone unrelated to my anger about it

There are other things, too, but you get the point right?

What kinds of things do you do?

There really are a lot of options depending on your own interests, aren't there? A lot of options...that is...if you aren't...a kid.

Did ya ever think of what it might be like if everything you do when you're mad or sad was forbidden or if you got punished for it? Like, what if someone offended you or did something that made you mad...and you reacted or simply showed that you were angry...and you got spanked for it? 

I was taught in Sunday School (in the 90's) that if my daughter expressed anger when being spanked that she was being rebellious and rejecting the correction and she was to get another spanking. 

I think about kids who live in such obedience-focused where parents are taught in Sunday School classes as I was to punish their children's anger...and our current world of violence loses it's mystery. How sad it is for so many of our world's children that when they feel like this...they're really not "allowed" to do anything about it but repress it...

But, unlike people...feelings buried alive don't die.

And, then we wonder why kids love violent video games...
We wonder why kids love angry music...
We wonder why kids shoot other kids...

We need to give our children their small expressions of anger when they're young and they will never explode and need to use an extreme expression of anger when they're older...

And...this...proves I can be short-winded if I try.

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