Monday, November 14, 2016

Who voted for Donald Trump?

I keep seeing so much stuff like this on Facebook...

I could add more images, but I'm sure you've seen them all, as they all have the same message: Trump supporters are morally bankrupt, racist, sexist, horrible, deplorable, (add your negative word here)...

And I've heard it said over and over. "I don't understand how ANYONE could vote for him?"

Well, I'll tell you why I did...


I remember back as far and long ago as 3rd grade, back when Jimmy Carter was president, people complained about "the government" and "politicians." People were always complaining about how "the government" did insane things like pay $20 for a hammer! (I guess back in 1977 that woulda' been a high price to pay for a hammer?)

All thru my life I remember this was the complaint by all - "the government" wastes "our" money! 

And "the government" is corrupt because it's full of politicians. 

Politicians make promises and never fulfill them. 
Politicians lie.
Politicians cheat.
Politicians steal.
Politicians can be bought.
Politicians are only in it for themselves!

The complaint was always that someone needs to stop this!

All my life I've seen "the problem" as "the government." The problem was them, the smooth-talking in separate from us, the voting citizens.

And so began the 2016 election season...

I was walking through a room and saw the Republican hopefuls lined up across a stage. I paused and the 1st person I happened to see speak was Donald Trump. I didn't take much notice to what he said until the next guy opened his mouth...and then I was floored by how he'd spoken. The 2nd guy spoke like a politician. Moved like a politician. Stared straight at the camera and smiled like a politician. Trump, had not.

That made me feel like although Trump is like...a billionaire and not really "like me"in that the sense of not being a smooth-talking well-practiced speaking-like-a-TV-evangelist politician he was like me.

Then I noticed how MUCH the politicians disliked him. That made me think of things like this...

I voted for Ross Perot back in the 90s for the same reason.


As the drama began over how rude he is, I took it differently than most people. One thing I know about people is that none of us are totally benign. We all laugh at rotten jokes. We all make snide remarks. We all have bad attitudes. I know I do. I have made fun of just about every type of person on the planet and laughed the hardest at the most awfullest of jokes (I'd never repeat!) So when Trump let some rude things fall out of his mouth the thing I noticed wasn't that he had said something rude...but was that he actually said it. He wasn't hiding his bad attitudes like everyone else was.

I felt like if there were 10 candidates standing there facing off the same person...and all 10 of them FELT like telling that person off...9 of them would smile and talk around it but Trump would be the one to just tell the person to go do hades. Personally I feel safer with someone who will just say what they really think, even if I don't like what that is.


He was using his own $ to fund his election. A lot of it. And he has way too much already. He's also old and has spent his life pursuing money. So I'd think lobbyists wouldn't get too far with him. He wouldn't be swayed by people dangling bribes in front of him. I feel lobbyists have controlled Washington too long and it has led to much of the corruption. It was nice to think of a president not  likely to be swayed by big corporations waving dollars at him.


As a billionaire who's run big corporations, had employees, and dealt with bankruptcy that told me he knew some things like...
- how to make money
- how to run a huge business
- how to manage a huge amount of employees
- how to recover from huge debt
- how government regulations affect how companies hire and how much to pay them
- why businesses leave the country
- what to do to encourage factories to stay in the country

Obama...was an idealist. His whole thing with being president was to "change" things in the culture socially and we saw a lot of that happen in the last 8 years. Money wasn't his "thing." 

I don't think "social change" is Trump's "thing." I don't think he's going to pay any attention to gay rights or abortion or any of that. I don't think that's what he's into OR he'd already have a history of being really involved in all that. Besides the social change is brought about by the people not the president. (Example: we've had over 20 years of pro-life presidents since abortion was legalized.)

Money IS Donald Trump's "thing" so...what if he'd treat the US Gov't as though it's a big business?

No one can deny the guy's got ego. How would someone with an ego like that want to go down in history? A friend on Facebook put it this way:

Back in the late 80s - early 90s I remember that if I got the urge to work somewhere I'd just go there, fill out an application, and I'd get hired. I almost always had two jobs, and sometimes three. Getting a job was easy peasy. Not so much these days. And everyone's wanting the minimum wage raised because people can't make it these days! 

When Donald Trump says he wants to "Make America Great" I think what he means is he wants to "Make America Rich..." And that ambition seems to be something that would benefit everyone. Social changes directly benefit those who want those particular changes. But everyone wants/needs money.


I walked into the room another night and found an interview on the TV with Trump's kids happening. The thing that stuck out to me most in the interview was the kids all agreed that no matter what when they were growing up - their dad made time for them. They said that even if he was in a meeting, if they called, he answered them. He'd leave meetings just to talk to them.


Politicians generally have their real self hidden (bad attitudes) and their public face is all smiles and talking around the real answers to questions. It was as if he was a negative image of a politician, being a public jerk and a private good guy. 


"Lenard Dozier Hill took his own life in 1986 on the morning his farm was to go to a courthouse auction, believing that his life insurance would pay enough to save the cotton and soybean plantation that had been in his family for more than 100 years. He never knew his insurance policy had an exemption for suicides.

Trump heard about the case in news reports and paid off the last $77,000 owed on a $300,000 bank loan himself, showing up in Burke County, Georgia to burn the mortgage papers with Mrs. Hill in a photo-op that locals still talk about."
Burning her mortgage


Trump didn't seem too "political" in the sense that he wasn't up there blaming "Democrats" for all our problems. He blamed "the government." He wasn't out to get Democrats, which meant he wasn't out to get my friends (loved ones) who happen to be Democrats. He was against "the government." 

The idea of a president who doesn't take sides...who isn't for half my friends and dismissing the other half...appeals to me. 


I lived in Guatemala for ten years in a town that has a steady flow of people paying big bucks to have someone sneak them across our border so they can get a chance at the American Dream. Some call them illegal aliens. Some call them undocumented immigrants. Either way they're people who come to the US without permission.

A wealthy family from that town we had lived in came to the US on vacation and visited us for a day. I asked them, "So, who would you say the people in Guatemala prefer for the next president of the US?" They said Hillary. I asked why? 

The answer? "Trump is for America."


For all his talk about the wall, I believe he's thinking about it economically. If he had something against "foreigners" he wouldn't have been attracted to or married a woman from Slovenia.


All along I really was not sure who I'd vote for. I believed Hillary would do a good job because so far as job experience goes...she spent 8 years as the president's wife, and I thought he did a decent job. Then she just spent another 8 years very high up in the government so...she knows stuff. I wasn't even scared by the email scandal because she may just be the "fall guy" for whatever is going on. I don't know because I'm not there. 

I took the questionnaire, answering EVERY question, three times. And all 3 times it told me I was just right of center. (I'm assuming my pro-life stance puts me there). 

The 1st two times I did it was before the which I couldn't even vote since I'm a registered Independent. 

The last time I took it it told me I agreed with Hillary 68% and Trump 72%.

I didn't agree 100% with either.
AND...I had just about the same in common with both of them. 

So how to choose?


It was the horrible attitude the far left seemed to be having that decided it for me. 

One thing about me is that since I'm in the center I have friends on all sides. And as the elections approached my newsfeed increasingly filled with more and more political stuff. The stuff I saw on the right was aimed at Hillary and her possibly law-breaking activities, and the fact that those things meant she wouldn't be a good president. Mostly it had to do with her being untrustworthy. The stuff I saw against Hillary reminded me of all the political things I've seen my whole life at times like this.

However...the stuff I saw from the left was...unreal. It was aimed at Trump...not as a candidate and pointing out his lack of qualifications for the job of president...but at his heart. Basically if Trump had been satan they'd have said nicer things about him. I couldn't believe the things I was seeing! Some posts even called for him to be killed. And worse, the posts called all his supporters (aka many of my friends) the most horrrrrrible things as well. 

I realized that if the left felt "they won" this election...that their awful view of anyone who isn't exactly like them would only grow...

The only way for them to stop thinking that every bad thing that happens in the world is because of "Republicans" would be for them to see a Republican in the White House again...and for the sky to NOT fall. Then maybe they'd stop seeing half the country as their enemy...and maybe we could all get back to seeing "the government" as the enemy and us?


And after seeing this message the day after the election...I'm hoping that over the next 4 years the chasm that's grown between the Democrats and Republicans...can finally begin to close a little...

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